Industry Insights

We have successfully managed projects in various industries. We advise our clients with a particular focus on efficiency, holistic solutions and implementation. Especially in our four focus industries.  

Healthcare & Medicine

Consultants of SynerGain Management Consultants and Centrit IT Services form a highly competent team when it comes to solutions and applications for medical imaging and diagnostics. From the facility layout to the operational steering of the practice. We have achieved great accomplishment in these areas and have build a wide variety of IT, management, legal, operational, as well as negotiation and supplier selection expertise.

With the ZRN (center for radiology and nuclear medicine) we have an excellent reference in the in this industry. Throughout the years we have transformed the processes and structures at the ZRN into some of the industries best, making great improvements with regards to efficiency as well as patient-friendly structures and procedures.

General Industry

In the general industry sector we have successfully finished a variety of projects including...

  • SAP implementation at a German engineering company
  • reorganization of projects that encountered difficulties
  • coaching of project leadership
  • conceptualization of all activities related to change management
  • Implementation of process and quality management practices throughout all hierarchical levels
  • Leadership Development especially for production and operation teams
  • Support in restructuring initiatives especially in sales, quality, and production and operations

Automotive & Mobility

In the general industry sector we have successfully finished a variety of projects including...

  • conceptualization of a quality management system at more than 700 car dealerships
  • implementation of an e-commerce platform at more than 400 car dealerships
  • conceptualization and implementation of complaint management system for the delivery of cars
  • implementation of concepts related to premium sales experience at 30 performance- centers
  • conceptualization and implementation of a service optimization program for a leading car services provider


Over recent years we have built up extensive IT expertise especially in cross-functional applications. We have established a close cooperation with Centrit IT Services. Their experts have supported us in various projects especially in the medical and healthcare sector and we successfully implemented IT systems.

Furthermore we are experienced in IT supplier and software selection.


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